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Moroccan Cooking





The Moroccan kitchen adapts with refinement vegetables and fruits gorged with sun, spices rare and scented, delicate fish and tasty meats... The best of the Eastern kitchens, famous in the whole world, put your papillae in festival. Here principal Moroccan dishes to taste absolutely.







Mint tea: it refreshes, reheating, requinque, is drunk the morning, after the meals, at any hour. A pleasure which never refuses.


Skewers: With the entry of a souk, on a place, at the edge of a road, one cooks under your eyes of delicious skewers: a treat, economic and fast.



Couscous: is the traditional family lunch of Friday, but you will find tous.les.jours at the restaurant of it. During your voyage, you will be able to taste thousand couscous, because it varies according to areas' and creativity of the cooker. Try not to use your forks and spoons it to eat, but rather your fingers, with the Morrocan woman.



Dishes of the Ramadan: with laying down sun; one breaks the fast (f' turn) with the rich person and tasty will harira, meat soup, lenses, chick-peas, with. beghrir, small pancakes in honeycomb been useful with melted butter and honey, the shebbakia, cakes fried in oil and honey bituminous mix. This "light" collation makes it possible to await the truth dinner which proceeds later in the night.



Tajine: this word indicates at the same time the container (flat of terra cotta decorated with the typical conical lid) and the poultry, meat contents (, of fish and of vegetables cooks with choked). , you taste will include/understand why the tajine is the Moroccan national dish.



Pastilla: a fine puff pastry stuffed with pigeon and almonds: it is the famous one sweetened salted with the Morrocan woman. There are alternatives with fish, chicken and even with milk for the dessert.



Lamb barbecue: lamb roasted with the pin or the furnace. The meat melts in the mouth!


Pastry making: cakes with honey, horns of gazelles, feqqas to almonds, the dry grapes, ghoriba with almonds, sesame... Irresistible!





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