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Country of light, country of colors, Morocco offers a varied pallet of tourist products which answer all the choices and satisfy all the whims Indeed, that it is cultural tourism, balneal, eco-tourism, tourism senior or tourism with topic all one each one can find there its wish for the pleasure of the heart and the happiness of the directions.

Morocco is located at the North-West of Africa. It is delimited in North by the Straits of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean, in the South by Mauritania, the East by Algeria and the West by the Atlantic Ocean. The Marocaine coast extends on 3500 km.

The coasts of Morocco extend for 3.500 km and one finds there the cities principal of the country. The Mediterranean coast has high abrupt cliffs on the sea whereas the Atlantic coast, last Gibraltar, is characterized by the cliff alternation out of sandstone and small beaches. Also, these beautiful coasts are rich in flora and fauna.

In particular one find there many species of birds of sea. These so varied coasts thus lend themselves â all the types of holidays on sea that one can wish: wild beaches, underwater archaeology, cruisings. romantic...


Morocco, country which gives on two seas, is the nation of Africa with the climate more varied, thanks also to the mountains of the Atlas which stops the projection of the desert of south-east. In cold country the "where the sun is hot" the rains concentrate in the autumn and spring whereas the summer is hot and dry. It thus acts of a climate similar to that of California.




In theory one can divide Morocco in three great zones: the coast, mountains and the desert zone of the center. In these three zones with the so different climates You find all the varieties geographical and cultural which characterize this so charming African ground.


The Atlantic in the west, the Mediterranean in north, of the fabulous beaches, four assembly lines with vertiginous cascades, cédraics secular, eternal snow, vast flowered plains of orange trees, almond trees. rivers which unroll ribbons of greenery to the doors of the desert and dig spectacular throats: Straits of Gibraltar in Mauritania, nature did of Morocco one of the most beautiful countries of the world, the country of the dazzling of the directions.







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