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  History Of  Morocco  


300 000 years ago, presence of the man attested. Wet tropical climate, vegetation of savannas and forests in Morocco, thousand-year-old IIIe. Draining of the climate, introduction of agriculture and the breeding. II E thousand-year-old. Age of bronze VIIe century av.J.-C. Phéniciens establish counters on the Moroccan coast. Ve - IV century av.J.-C. The Carthaginians replace Phéniciens and exert their cultural influence on the Berber kingdom of Maurétanie 46 front. J.-C. Rome overcomes Carthage and extends its influence to all North Africa. The most famous king de Maurétanie, Juba II, rège of 25 front. J.-C. 42 apr. J.-C. Morocco passes under Roman domination.



Creation of Maurétanie Tingitane, with Tingis (Tangier) for capital. IIe-VIéme century. Give The Novels up little by little Tingitane where Christianity starts to Be spread. Incursion vandal (429). The Byzantine control the northern coast of Morocco to the VI E century. 682. First Arab raid in Morocco, carried out by Oqba ibn Nafi. Berber resistance. Beginning of VIIIe century. The Arabs seize Morocco and, with troops the Berber ones converted with Islam, take foot in Spain.


Chronology :


The IDRISSIDES 788-789.

idriss Ibn Abdallah, exile of Baghdad, are accomodated by Berber area of Oualila (Volubilis). It melts the first Moslem dynasty of Morocco and the town of Fès 803-829. Reign of Idriss II. Creation with Fès of the Kraouiyine university, then one of most important of the world. 829-1055. The kingdom is parcelled out.


Almoravides, of Berber come from the Western Sahara, melt Marrakech towards 1060. their chief, Youssef ibn Tachfine, seizes Fès then extends its conquests to Algiers.1090-1106. Almoravides control Moslem Spain and Senegal. Morocco impregnates Andalusian culture. 1106-1143. golden age of Marrakech under the reign of Ali, wire of Youssef Ibn Tachfine. With its death the empire is again divided.


ALMOHADES About 1125.

Berber Ibn Toumert Built a mosque with Tinmel, in the Atlas. 1133 - 1163. Its lieutenant, Abd el-Moumen, proclaiming caliph, melt the dynasty almohade and extend his empire from Spain in Tripoli 1184-1199. Reign of Yacoub el-Mansour. Second golden age of Marrakech. With the death of caliph, the Maghreb is again parcelled out.

THE MERINIDES 1245-1269.

Beni Mérine, Berber the East, seize the large cities of Morocco. 1276. Mérinides give itself a new capital: Fès el-Jedid. Abou Youssef Yacoub (1258-1286) and its successors create an important network of médersas Abou el-Hassan (1331-1351) loses Spain, Tlemcen and Tunis. Surge in Morocco of Jews and muslmans fleeing the Spanish Enquiry. Portuguese and Spaniards start to be established on the Moroccan coasts.

The OUATTASSIDES 1465-1549.

Ouattassides, viziers hereditary of Mérinides, reverse the dynasty. The central capacity breaks down and Morocco falls under control from the local marabouts. 1492. Fall of Grenade, last kingdom musculman of Spain.

THE SAADIENS 1554-1659.

Saadiens, originating in Arabia. Regent on Morocco. 1578. The battle of the three Kings ruins the Portuguese ambitions in Morocco. 1590. Ahmed el-Mansour (1578-1603) plunders Tombouctou. XVIIe century. A republic of pirates of Bou Regreg is formed in Salé.




Moulay Rachid, resulting from a family of the sherifs of Tafilalet, melts the dynasty which still reigns on Morocco and establishes its capital with Fès. 1672-1727. Reign of Moulay Ismaïl, brother of the precedent, which transports its capital in Meknès 1880. The conference of Madrid consolidates the European commercial ambitions in Morocco. 1894-1908. Reign of Abdelaziz; growing interference of Europeans in the Moroccan businesses. 1906-1907. The conference of Algeciras recognizes in France and Spain a "position privileged" in Morocco. Unloading of the first French troops in Casablanca



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