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Kingdom of Morocco




Located at the extreme North-West of the African continent, between the 36e and the parallel 21e, on a surface of 710 850 km2 this State of the Maghreb is limited to the east and south-east by Algeria, in the south by Mauritania, the west by the Atlantic Ocean, north by the Mediterranean.



Morocco has the privilege to open on the one hand on the Atlantic in the west with 2934 km of coast, and on the other hand on the Mediterranean in north, with 512 km of coast. This vast territory divides its borders in the east with Algeria, and the south with Mauritania.


Surface: 710 850 km²

Population : 27,7 millions
Institutions : Constitutional monarchy
Executive power: His Magesty King Mohamed VI
slative power:
House of Commons and Room of the Advisers

Currency: Dirham
Official language: Arabe
Religion : Islam
Capital: Rabat  


 the Average Atlas, with a top of 3354 m (BOU NACEUR) - the High Atlas, which extends on 750 km, of the Atlantic to the sources of Moulouya. It is there that the most top of Africa de Nord culminates: Mount DJEBEL TOUKBAL (4165m).

the Anti Atlas, in the south, constitutes less low mountainous barrier. - In edge of the Atlas, Western Morocco made up of vast plates. - A is a plate of 1300m of altitude separates Morocco from Algeria - the desert of the Sahara starts in the south of the country. - To north, the mountains of the FRONT, separated from the Atlas by the corridor of Taza, extend to the Mediterranean.





Natural resources Morocco

has important mining resources: it is the 3e producer and the 1st world phosphate exporter (approximately 20 million T). The territory conceals also layers of iron and ores nonferrous in the mountains: baryta (370 600 T), lead, manganese, cobalt, copper, iron, zinc, antimony, molybdenum, fluorine. Of important layers petoliers are currently in phase of prospection in the OFFSHORE OIL RIG zone between Casablanca and Safi. The natural gas discovery close to Essaouira gives hopes.

Distribution and uses of the grounds

 Cultivated Surfaces 9 976 000 ha Irrigated Surfaces 1 291 000 ha Permanent Pastures 21 000 000 ha Wooded Surfaces 8 970 000 ha



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