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Moroccan Art



The originality of Moroccan art with respect to the classical Arabic artistic traditions, especially finds in the musical field the "ala". This music is in the beginning developed in Moslem Spain, it is founded on one system of modes and continuations called spree. The 24 sprees which govern this modal music correspond to the 24 harmonic modes of the Andalusian music, granted to each hour of the day and the night. Sheik Salah and late Hadj Abdelkrim Raïs are among the large singers type-setters. The original musical expression of the Berber tribes developed well The original musical expression of the Berber tribes developed well before the arrival of the Arabs. With sonorities of the derbouka, tabalas, bendirs (Arab drums) and amzhad (violin with single cord), it mixes the tale and the transmission with the oral culture.



The festival, of  Moroccan Culture





They are public holidays in all Morocco. Aid El - Fitr (or Aïd to el-Seghir) mark the end of the month of Ramadan Aïd to el-Kebir (or Aïd el-Adha) commemorates the sacrifice of Abraham. It is the festival of the sheep, First Moharrem, the first day of the hégire, the Moslem year Mouloud celebrates the birth of the Prophet In the west of the Arab world a moussem is a festival given in the honor of a saint of Islam, called marabout. This denomination can also be allotted to other rejoicings.


 At the time of the annual commemorations, the tribes go on the tombs of the marabouts, named koubba. One recognizes them in the Moroccan landscape: small white buildings and overcome squares of a cupola. Popular belief ready at the buildings which lodge the saints and with the saints themselves, a force rédemptrice and miraculous, luck, (the chance or providence) that they transmit to their descendants. The descendants of the saint which are regarded as chorfa (downward of Mohammed) accomodate the pilgrims according to the ritual one of hospitality Among most important, the moussem of Sidi Mohammed has Me Al-' Ainin with Tan-Tan. This gathering of tribes is the occasion to see "blue men", the wandering Tuaregs of the Sahara. moussem generally takes place at the end of May or at the beginning of June. In June, moussem with Goulimine with its large market with the camels, without forgetting the moussem of Setti Fatma, in the valley of Ourika in the south of Marrakech.



Calendar of the festivals

February / March

national Festival of the arts of cooking Festival of the national gastronomy which is held Agadir has, where Morocco present of creations of the traditional kitchen.


Festivals of theflower the Berber ones of Me Gouna of the province of Ouarzazate cultivate the flowers for the industry of the perfume. After harvest, one has fun the festival in the open air while singing and dancing. They are the visitors who elect flower miss among the girls of Me Gouna covered with beautiful cloths

Jun Festivals of cherries A Sefrou (close to FES) the most beautiful cherry orchards of Morocco are found. During the festival which follows harvest, one elects miss Cerisette, this election is the occasion of folk dances in lime pit air

Festival of Saidia On the beach of the seaside resort of Saidia (province of Oujda), in the palate of the festival, the groups coming from various provinces of Morocco, Algeria and Spain carry out songs and dances in folk costumes Cultural Moussem A Asilah (province of Tangier) one organizes cultural weeks with the international cultural institutions: concerts, exposures, conferences and projections of films.


National festival of popular arts Of the tribes coming from various provinces carry out their dances in the ruins of the palate el-Badi of Marrakech..

Horse the festival of the horse with Tissa celebrates (province of Taounate). Official handing-over of price to the best stockbreeders of horses.

Moussem of engagement Celebrates engagement with Imilchil (er-rachidia province). First Berber festival of the country where Hadidou Has celebrate patron saint of their tribe. It s"accompagne of an authentic Berber market and an immense camping. The meal and the bed under the tents are assured for the many tourists.



Moussem of the Festivals dates of dates has the oasis Tafilalet d' Erfoud (er-Rachidia province). Groups in traditional costumes, Filalis, sing and dance in the heart of the oasis after the cut of "the gold of the desert" of the highest summits of the palm trees


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